May 16, 2013

Farewell Office

Tonight The Office on NBC airs it's final episode and I'm not prepared to say goodbye. When I was a kid I loved sitcoms. I loved everything from Seinfeld to Home Improvement to The Wonder Years. Sitcoms in the 90's were great and bleed through into the 2000's with Friends. Since then though I've watched fewer and fewer sitcoms and more drama's except for The Office.

I know there have been other great sitcoms like Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, and Community but I just could never get into those shows. The Office was the only sitcom I would watch every week and now it's leaving. I have no idea if I'll watch sitcoms again (like I said I mainly just watch dramas now with the occasional outdoor show). Maybe I'll try harder to like Parks & Rec or some other future sitcom. They just won't be The Office. In the meantime, farewell Office you've been a great show*.

*Except for these last two seasons which have been dreadful. This was expected though because most sitcoms stay around too long and gradually become worse. It happened to Seinfeld and it happened to The Office. 

1 comment:

  1. Parks & Recreation is just a fantastic send up of government work. And it's developing a "Simpsons" like cast of oddball characters that populate Pawnee. Too bad NBC is going to sacrifice it going against the godawful "Big Bang Theory."

    And really, The Office should have been ended when Steve Carell left the show.