May 29, 2013

Aaron Hicks Robs Another Home Run

The Minnesota Twins Aaron Hicks was a highly touted prospect who skipped triple A and came straight to the big leagues this season. In the minors Hicks was an on-base machine never averaging less than a .354 OBP. Hicks has struggled in the majors though throwing up a .161/.238/.303 line so far this season. Credit to the Twins for not panicking and letting him figure out his struggles with the big club. If BABIP is an indicator for regression, then Hicks should improve at the plate. Where Hicks hasn't struggled is in the field. Hicks has already robbed one home run this year and he robbed another in the Twins extra innings victory.

Shades of Torii Hunter there. Hopefully Hicks will start to hit soon for he we can see his full potential.

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