April 12, 2013

This Week In Baseball

I'm going to try and recap some of the important stories each week in baseball every week. Wish me luck. 

That's Fertilizer: In case you're living under a rock and didn't see the news coming out of San Diego last night, there was a brawl between the Padres and Dodgers and Zack Geinke fractured his collarbone. The person who broke Greinke's collarbone was Carlos Quintin who is known for crowding the plate and has lead both leagues in hit by pitch.

Let's just say none of this went over well with Matt Kemp because he met Quintin in the parking lot and used a phrase that had a word that is used for a female dog. What is certain in this whole ordeal is that Quintin will be suspended, Geinke will be out for a while, and the Dodger-Padres series has become interesting all of a sudden despite the games lasting forever.

The Biogenesis Case Isn't Going Away: The Miami based Biogenesis case isn't going away in baseball. Reportedly MLB  is buying documents from the anti-aging clinic. MLB is going to get their pound of flesh in the case folks. They're not going to look soft again in a PED case in front of the media.

The Braves Are Smoking Hot: The Braves are off to a torid start on the season. They're 8-1 on the year and the Justin Upton trade is coming up Millhouse so far. Only B.J. Upton is struggling right now but he's a streaky hitter who'll probably break out of this slump. The only knock on the Braves so far is they have really haven't played anyone yet. They have played a bad Phillies team and terrible Cubs and Marlins teams. Let's see how good they look after this weekend in Washington.

Check Out This Call: Yep, this is how a game ended on Monday night. MLB UMPIRES EVERYONE!

The Colonel Writes: The Colonel wrote a post yesterday on Barry Zito and exactly why he's been pitching better lately than how he pitched earlier in his Giants career. Basically Zito is throwing a cutter now that hitters aren't swinging at. Now if only Lincecum would learn how to throw a slider.

What To Look For This Weekend: Trying to find the best possible game for everyday this weekend.

Friday, Atlanta at Washington, Teheran vs Detwiler: Are the Braves as good as their early season record indicates? Is this the new hot rivalry in the NL East? How really good is the Washington pitching staff against an offense like the Braves?

Saturday, Detroit at Oakland, Verlander vs. Anderson: Definitely the sexiest pitching matchup of the week. I'm shocked this game isn't the Fox game of the week. Also will the A's offense continue mashing the ball? The A's went to Anaheim this week and destroyed the Angels. Will they be able to destroy Verlander?

Sunday, Baltimore at New York, Chen vs. Pettitte: I have a weird fascination with Chen. I love watching him pitch and I can't really explain it. And then you have Pettitte who still somehow escapes his PED past despite him being on of the few to admit to using PED's. Too bad we have to listen to the ESPN's TV crew for this game.


  1. I made this presumption on Twitter, but is it entirely possible that Arizona might be a bigger threat to the Giants in the division than LA?

    1. I still think the Diamondbacks are going to get bitten on the ass by their own grit eventually.