April 25, 2013

He's Out?

The Brewers last night were riding a 9-game winning streak into their last game against the San Diego Padres. With the Brewers down by 1 and with a man on base Martin Maldonado appeared to have hit a foul ball that landed in the batter's box. Except the umpire said the pitch hit him when he left the box and he was out. Needless to say the Brewers disagreed.

That play is too close to determine if he was out or if that was a fair ball because he left the batter's box. Each side would have had a complaint no matter which call was made there. You're off the hook this time umpires.

1 comment:

  1. Everyone loves Uecker, but he's starting to get to that awkward old announcer part of his career when he's slow reacting to what is happening in the game. That being said it's nice that he hasn't pulled a Denny Matthews or Scully and still travels with the team on a road trip.