March 15, 2013

Talkin' Baseball: AL East Preview

The Colonel and I will be previewing each division in baseball the only way we know how. With a chat! 

49er16: Is this the first year in a while that neither the Red Sox or Yankees make the playoffs? I'm leaning towards yes. They're both injured and old. Bad combination.

The Colonel: I like how the Red Sox signed a player who needs a hip replacement like an old person. The Rangers dodged a huge bullet by not re-signing Napoli. Huge bullet.

49er16: And then you have the Yankees who are trying to beg Chipper Jones to come out of retirement to play first base. They're really that desperate.

The Colonel: Hell even their GM is getting hurt now. The Yankees are the walking wounded. Now watch them somehow sneak into the last wild card spot and then advance to the ALDS. You know this will somehow happen.

49er16: Oh, I'm counting on it.

The Colonel: So the Rays are the greatest team in the history of the universe you know. JOE MADDON CREATED THE EARTH IN SIX DAYS AND ON THE SEVENTH DAY HE SHAVED HIS HEAD INTO A MOHAWK!

49er16: We're just lucky enough to breathe the same air as Joe Maddon and Andrew Friedman. They're like Don Drapper talking to Peggy during "The Suitcase" episode on Mad Men. We should be thanking both of them and God for just being alive.

The Colonel: I gotta be honest, I root against the Rays just because of the uber-love they receive from stat head writers. It's a little too unbearable.

49er16: Same here. That's why I was happy last year when they didn't make the playoffs and people looked around confused.

The Colonel: How about your Orioles? Worried they're going to regress? I think they will. They won a lot of games last year by 1-run. That will change.

49er16: I'm not in love with them this year. They're a below average team at reaching base and creating runs. And their pitching staff isn't that good and the bullpen overachieved. I don't believe they'll be a disaster but I do believe they will regress.

The Colonel: I am interested in seeing how Machado improves and if they bring up Bundy. Other than that, the Orioles don't interest me at all.

49er16: So is it the Blue Jays division to lose? I think so with the improvements they made. That being said some of those guys they traded for underperformed last season.

The Colonel: Injuries I think will be the Jays only worry. They should have been better last season but injuries plagued them.

49er16: I still like how they brought back John Gibbons to manage. It's not like he wasn't a disaster the first time he managed the Blue Jays and the players didn't hate him. Oh wait!

The Colonel: Long live bad retread coaches!

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