January 2, 2013

Talkin' Sports: Bowl Games, NFL Playoffs, Lovie Smith

49er16: Well what did you think of the bowl games yesterday overall? Disappointing? Exciting? Boring?

The Colonel: Well the Purdue-OK State game should have never been played but since Jim Delany rules the world that game was played regardless. The Northwestern-Miss State game had it's moments. Both the Outback Bowl and the Capital One Bowl had their exciting moments. The Rose Bowl had it's moments but was mainly boring. Northern Illinois held in there but weren't good enough against Florida State. So I would say my reaction to the NYE games was "meh".

49er16: That was my main reaction after yesterday's games. They were alright, had their moments, but there was never that moment where I was excited like you have during one of the first days of the NCAA tournament.

The Colonel: Are you looking forward to the rest of the games? The Cotton and Fiesta Bowls have my attention but that's really it. The NCG looks like it will be boring as hell.

49er16: I expect exciting action for that Fiesta Bowl. Hopefully we get a good game in the Cotton Bowl. Agree about the national championship game, it looks like it's going to be terrible.

The Colonel: What's your thoughts on the NFL playoffs? The only game for the first weekend that interests me is the Washington DC vs Washington game. The other games kinda make me cringe. Houston-Cincy rematch, Indy-Balt, and GB-Minn just don't interest me.

49er16: Would you be shocked if Indy beat Baltimore and there was a controversial call in Indy's favor? Goodell wants a Peyton Manning vs. the Colts game badly. Wouldn't surprise me if he calls a Code Red during that game.

The Colonel: Well if Goodell is going to go full villain, then he should go the David Stern route and tell the refs to affect the Ravens-Colts game for a Donkeys-Colts game the following week. And after the bounty scandal, nothing would surprise me with Goodell.

49er16: The entire NFL playoff picture gives me a sour taste. The Texans and Niners are fading. New England always looks good heading into the playoffs but haven't won anything since Andy Reid's glory days. Denver hasn't played anyone all year. Baltimore, Cincinnati, Washington, and Minnesota are just happy to be there. Green Bay doesn't have a defense. Pete "Fredo" Carroll still coaches Seattle. If you can predict who will win the Super Bowl out of all these teams then you're a master gambler.

The Colonel: I don't trust the Patriots as far as I can throw them. Like you said they always look good at the end of the year and then they'll lose in the Super Bowl or 2nd round. I guess I have to go with Denver, but Manning doesn't exactly have the greatest track record in the playoffs. This year's playoffs in my opinion is a complete coin flip minus Cincinnati who I expect to lose this weekend.

49er16: Yeah Cincinnati is the only team I'm confident will lose this weekend. The rest of the games I'm not touching with a 10-foot pole.

The Colonel: I like how the media is making a big deal about Lovie Smith's firing. They do realize that Lovie's teams have fallen apart late for two years in a row, the offense has never been consistent, and that he's horrible at managing a game with his challenges or his timeouts. Lovie in my opinion is someone who is generous with the media so they in turn are "outraged" when he's fired.

49er16: I would also say what the media thinks is a good coach and what reality is are off. Lovie was a good coach 6 years ago. Reality is that was 6 years ago and the Bears haven't been good since besides that one year when they made the NFC championship game. Lovie also wasn't helped out by an aging defense.

The Colonel: Lovie's defensive scheme also doesn't work anymore in the NFL. Not with these offenses that pick apart zone defenses. Remember when the Niners went zone against the Patriots a few weeks back? Brady shredded the defense for 30 points in about 2 minutes. Offenses today are tailored made to shred zone's.

49er16: He'll probably get another head coaching job because of the media and he'll probably be terrible and then the media will say "oh never mind, Lovie is bad."


  1. Lovie will go to Buffalo, media will get excited, and he'll be fired in three years.

  2. Lovie will probably be interviewed a lot for coaching positions to satisfy the Rooney Rule.