January 4, 2013

Rex Ryan Really Really Loves Mark Sanchez and His Wife

Rex Ryan is a never ending story. He's like a bottomless pit of rumors, humor, and news. I personally hope he never has a job in the NFL because what we would do without him? Today's story is that Rex is on a beach, enjoying his vacation, and is shirt less. This is important because Rex has a tattoo of his wife with a Mark Sanchez jersey on and nothing else. Here look:
We already knew Rex loved his wife and her feet. I had no idea though how much he loved Mark Sanchez. That leads to me to this though, does Rex make his wife wear a Sanchez jersey during coitus? If so, then Rex made need to take a step back from football for a second. You can't think of Mark Sanchez while being intimate with your wife. Anyways the Rex stories never end and never fail to amuse. Thanks Rex.

(Via NY Daily News)

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  1. I'm more shocked Rex is reading a book that isn't filled with pictures of naked ladies.