December 3, 2012

Talkin' Sports: 49ers, Jovan Belcher, & BCS

49er16: How about them 49ers? What the fuck was up with those play calls at the end of regulation and the end of overtime. The offense never really clicked but that loss in my opinion was on the offensive coaching staff.

The Colonel: Yeah a option pitch to Ted Ginn Jr. doesn't seem smart in retrospect.

49er16: It's like the staff forgot that Ginn has stones for hands. Like I said, I just don't understand what they were trying to do. And then at the end of overtime running the ball while they were 50 yards out for a field goal with a kicker they know has been shaky from 40-yards and beyond all year except the first game. Just a complete bizarre meltdown. We could watch film on that game for the next 50 years and still never figure out what the coaching staff was doing.

The Colonel: Akers man. He went from kicking a 60-yard field goal to looking more shaky that a Boise State kicker with an undefeated season on the line. He still has the leg, but the accuracy is gone.

49er16: I never expected him to have another season like he did last year, but I didn't think he would regress this badly. I guess he needs to get released by the Eagles again to get pissed off.

The Colonel: What did you think of this Jovan Belcher column by Jason Whitlock. He went from blasting the NFL for not postponing this game into a discussion about gun control. Then again it's Whitlock and he could take any discussion from sports related to a discussion about the deterioration of the inner cities. Everything is the Wire to him.

49er16: We should do that more often in these chats. Go from talking sports into a discussion about politics.

The Colonel: So how about them 49ers today, didn't they remind you of a bill in congress that's trying to get passed by then out of nowhere there's a filibusterer?

49er16: Those Sacramento Kings remind me of the deterioration of the inner cities and the rampant problem of mass capitalism.

The Colonel: The San Francisco Giants pursuit of a centerfielder this offseason is like the United States drug war. Completely futile.

49er16: The NFL today is like the problem with mass incarceration. Too many dumb rules are hurting young African-Americans.

The Colonel: I mostly enjoy Whitlock, he honestly makes me think, but boy oh boy when he ventures into politics he just looks like an ass. His problem is that he isn't a Democrat or a Republican. When you're at least a party member you know what direction that person is going. You never know with Whitlock.

49er16: Speaking of Jovan Belcher, what did you think of everyone being outraged when pundits where saying the "Chiefs were playing with heavy hearts today"? I thought it was a little ridiculous. Yes he killed the mother of his child, but they knew this guy and worked alongside him. I'm sure they were more conflicted than "heavy hearts" but still.

The Colonel: I've personally found all sides on all points of view ridiculous. Surprisingly Fox was the only network where the personalities had the right takes. There wasn't outrage, there wasn't sympathy for Belcher, just sadness. Everything about this was sad.

49er16: That was my feeling as well. Just sadness.

The Colonel: Well we have a Bama-Notre Dame national championship game. I'm sure there's a ESPN executive right now jacking off to the ratings possibilities.

49er16: I'm sure it will be huge ratings wise. What fascinates me is that a New York Jew like Tony Kornhiser proclaim their love for Notre Dame. Can you figure out why any Jewish person would love an Irish Catholic school?

The Colonel: The only way I believe they love Notre Dame is that they take the Catholic part out of the equation. That can really be the only explanation.

49er16: Has to be.

The Colonel: I'm still rooting for Notre Dame. I don't want to see Saban win another title. That would be his 4th if it happened.

49er16: It's rooting for the lesser of two evils. Notre Dame or Saban winning another title. I'm rooting for the meteor myself.


  1. Doesn't this BCS Title game remind you a little bit of the 1996 World Series? Everyone with common sense was getting sick of the Braves and their irritating bandwagon, and the Yankees hadn't won a title in a while. Doesn't it seem odd that they went almost 20 years without a title?

    1. Now that you mention that..........

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