December 31, 2012

Black Monday in the NFL (Update)

Today is black Monday in the NFL. Several coaches and general manager's have received their pink slips while I'm sure there will be more fired some time today. Here are the coaches and general manager's that have been fired already today.

Philadelphia-Andy Reid: We all knew this was coming because of Philadelphia's disastrous season, but that doesn't mean it's still not shocking because of how long Andy Reid was Philly's coach. The ESPN story indicates that Reid could land in Jacksonville or Arizona if they fire their coaches. Arizona would probably make the most sense if Reid can find the right QB. Jacksonville is a tire fire and I'm sure Reid won't want to coach Tebow next season.

San Diego-Norv Turner and GM A.J. Smith: These two should have been fired a long time ago, especially Smith. In the report on Reid it says the Chargers aren't interested in hiring Reid. In other news the Spanos family that owns the Chargers are from Stockton which means they will probably never make the right decision hiring a general manager or GM.

Kansas City-Romeo Crennel: Schefter is reporting Crennel is out by not GM Scott Pioli. The Chiefs need a clean slate away from Pioli and they're stupidly not breaking away from him. Pioli has been nothing short of a disaster in Kansas City. If the AFC West wasn't so bad the Chiefs wouldn't even have made the playoffs a few years ago. Now I can't even imagine who Pioli will hire now. McDaniels? Bring Tebow in as the QB? This has disaster written all over it.

Jacksonville-General Manager Gene Smith: Maybe drafting a punter in the third round wasn't the smartest move in the world for Gene Smith or drafting Blaine Gabbert. From the report it looks like Mike Mularkey will stay as the head coach but Lord knows why. Mularkey hasn't done nothing in Buffalo and has done nothing in Jackonville.

Cleveland-Pat Shurmur and GM Tom Heckert: The Browns are looking for another head coach and general manager in the span of 5 years. Not only that but they're on their 4th GM and coach in that time span. And people wonder why the Browns are a disaster of an NFL organization. It's already been rumored that Nick Saban and Mike Lombardi could land here which means the Browns will hire Gene Smith and Norv Turner.

Carolina-Ron Rivera: This is only being reported right now by the NFL Net's Mike Lombardi but I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes official. The Panthers massively underachieved this year until kinda turning it around late in the year. I wouldn't be surprised if they hire an offensive coach to replace Rivera.

Chicago-Lovie Smith: Amazing fact about this firing is that if the Packers won yesterday Lovie would be coaching the Bears in the playoffs right now. So once again the Packers defeat Lovie. I wonder if Lovie will challenge this firing? Too soon?

Buffalo-Chan Gailey: The Football Scoop first reported this move and Schefter confirmed it. I find it unbelievable that Gailey was hired as the Bills coach in the first place. And knowing the Bills track record I wouldn't be surprised if they hire another crappy retread coach like Eric Mangini or Mike Sherman.

New York Jets-General Manager Mike Tannenbaum: The Jets finally fired Mike Tannenbaum but Rex Ryan is somehow safe. I guess the band-aid owner* doesn't want to pay for a general manager and head coach to disappear. It's going to be hard to pick a GM who doesn't draft Vernon Gohlston or trade for Aaron Maybin.

*Woody Johnson is the Johnson and Johnson owner which means Rex shouldn't take any Tylenol for a few weeks

I'm sure there will be more firings coming up but this is it so far. I'll update if anything more happens.

(Update: Arizona has fired Ken Whisenhunt) Whisenhunt's downfall started the day Kurt Warner retired. He hasn't found a quarterback since and Arizona only got worse. I wonder if Reid would take this job because of Kolb?


  1. About damn time the Chargers fired Smith. This franchise has only gotten worse under his leadership.

  2. Hey, I think Crennel and Pioli are doing a great job! Four more years!

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