November 29, 2012

Must List: Week 14

Thursday, November 29th
Louisville at Rutgers, 7:30 (ESPN: Rece Davis, Jesse Palmer, David Pollack, Samantha Steele) You gotta love college football today and realignment. These two teams play for the Big East championship tonight and a spot in a BCS bowl game and neither of these teams will be in the Big East in the future. Ah realignment, you gotta love it.

Friday, November 30th
MAC Championship: Northern Illinois vs Kent State, 7:00 (ESPN2: Carter Blackburn, Rod Gilmore, Jemele Hill) Do you realize that there are six MAC teams that are bowl eligible? That's more than the ACC. No wonder they just accepted Louisville into their conference. These two teams about as evenly matched as you can find. Northern Illinois can throw the ball better but Kent State is better at running. I'm actually looking forward to watching this game.

Pac-12 Championship: UCLA at Stanford, 8:30 (FOX: Gus Johnson, Charles Davis, Julie Alexandria, Petro Papadakis) These two teams played just last week in Pasadena and UCLA was blown out. I really don't expect much else than what we saw last Saturday. Stanford is finally clicking on offense and their defense is right up there with Notre Dame and Bama. UCLA is going to lose and *Bruins Nation is going to throw a fit.

*If you're ever need something to waste time, go and check out Bruins Nation. The daily bile at that blog is amazing. They're so entitled when it comes to college basketball that you would think they are Yankees or Lakers fans. So it's awesome how angry they get when UCLA loses to Cal Poly. 

Saturday, December 1st
Oklahoma at TCU, Noon (ESPN: Joe Tessitore, Matt Millen, Shannon Spake) TCU has made a nice little run recently to save their conference record and now get to play Oklahoma at home. Since there isn't much on in the morning on Saturday this is the game I suggest watching.

Boise State at Nevada, 3:30 (ABC or ESPN2: Mike Patrick, Ed Cunningham, Jeannine Edwards) The Mountain West had a strong season this year with five teams becoming eligible for a bowl game and three of those teams possibly ending the year with a share of the conference title. Boise State needs a victory to tie Fresno State and San Diego State for the conference lead. Nevada can once again ruin Boise's season in Reno.

SEC Championship: Georgia vs Alabama, 4:00 (CBS: Verne Lundquist, Gary Danielson, Tracy Wolfson) Everyone pretty much expects Georgia to crap the bed because of Mark Richt against Bama on Saturday and truthfully I expect Georgia to crap the bed as well. What makes me laugh is that Saban thinks the loser of this game should get the SEC's other BCS spot while Florida, who will have a better record than the loser of this game, shouldn't get nothing because they didn't play in the SEC championship game. Hey um Nick, let me ask you a question. Are you paying attention? DO YOU FUCKING REMEMBER LAST SEASON? YOU GOT TO PLAY IN THE FUCKING NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME LAST YEAR WITHOUT PLAYING IN THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME YOU FUCKING DICK! I hope Alabama loses and then has to go on and play Wisconsin or Nebraska in the Capital One Bowl. Fuck him and fuck his "I'm Keith Hernandez" moment.

Big 10 Championship: Wisconsin vs Nebraska, 8:00 (FOX: Gus Johnson, Charles DavisJulie Alexandria, Petro Papadakis) The later we get into the evening the more lamer these games become. Case in point the B1G championship game. Do you realize Wisconsin finished third in whatever division they play in behind Ohio State and Penn State? Do you realize that Nebraska was fairly mediocre this year but finished with a 10-2 record because of how shitty the B1G was this year? Not a banner year for the B1G. Thankfully they added Maryland to their conference which will only make their conference stronger in foot.....hahahahaha I can't even finish that sentence.

Texas at Kansas State, 8:00 (ABC: Brad Nessler, Todd Blackledge, Holly Rowe) Damn you Kansas State. Damn you to hell for giving us a Notre Dame vs SEC school championship game. And fuck you to, Baylor.

ACC Championship: Georgia Tech vs Florida State, 8:00 (ESPN: Brent Musburger, Kirk Herbstreit, Heather Cox) This game makes the B1G championship game look like a barn burner. Once again we have a school in the championship game of the conference that finished behind a couple of other teams with better records but are not in the game because they are on probation. I might have to rethink this whole "college football is fun to watch" meme in my head.

Alcoholic Beverage of the Week, Hot Apple Cider and Whiskey: Need something in your body to counter-react with the bad football and the cold? Drink some hot apple cider with a dash of whiskey. That will both kill the cold and the fact you're watching Georgia Tech vs Florida State play for a BCS spot. I of course prefer Crown Royal with my hot apple cider.

Recipe of the Week, Honey Duck: I grew up in a big duck hunting community and duck recipes are a favorite of the people of that area. While we had to pick the feathers off the ducks I suggest finding a bird that has already been plucked because it can take a while to pluck feathers off a bird.


  1. The bigger question: what in blue hell does Petro Papadakis know about the B1G?

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