November 14, 2012

Calipari Says What We've Known For 15 Years Now

Last night Duke hammered Kentucky in Atlanta. That wasn't the real story though. The real story was John Calipari saying Duke flops during the halftime interview. "They're flopping all over the place. In the NBA, they'd all be suspended," said Calipari who of course said he was just joking after the game ended.

That's no joke Cal, Duke flops. Hell everyone has known this for 15-20 years now. It's their Modus operandi. Kinda like your modus operandi is paying players recruiting one year players. So don't say Duke flops and then backtrack because you're already stated the obvious.

With all that being said I was actually happy to see Kentucky lose last night. Even if it was to Duke. And I was happy to see Calipari look disoriented on the sideline while his team was being hammered. I've always been under the impression that Calipari is not a good basketball coach. He's an excellent recruiter who just happens to coach. Last year's championship was mainly won because Cal had a once in a generation player surrounded by teammates who played well together. When they won people lost their shit and thought this team would win multiple championships. I'm hear to tell ya I believe Calipari has won his only championship at Kentucky. So last night was good to see him lose to a coach who can actually coach and recruit. Whether your feelings on Coach K are positive or negative, you have to give him credit in this regard in that the man can coach a team during a game. I've never had this feeling with Calipari unless he has a once in a generation player on his team.

(Via @cjzero)


  1. Kentucky is to college hoops what Alabama is to college football.

  2. Coach K can recruit? Not very recently. But kudos on Cal for calling the Dookies out. It gets so much worse once the ACC refs start obliging their style.