October 29, 2012

Talkin' Baseball: Champions

49er16: The Giants are fucking World Champions again. Can you believe this? Is this real? Are we having a dream?

The Colonel: This is somehow real. The Giants have now won two championships in the past three years. When they won in 2010 I thought that would be it for them. It was a one year fluke. The Gods finally awarded them. I never thought this was possible.

49er16: Neither did I or anyone else. But they somehow did. And think about this. The Giants have become the first national league team since the 1970's Reds to win a two championships in three years. Think about that for a second. Think about teams like 80's Cardinals, 90's Braves, and 00's Phillies never winning two championships in three years and now the Giants have? Amazing.

The Colonel: That's too me the most amazing part. The Giants were always the red headed step child of the Bay Area. Even when they had a good couple of years it was always like, "yeah good for you now go back to your corner while the 49ers kick everyone's ass". Now everyone else has to take a back seat to the Giants. Even the 49ers.

49er16: The Giants are everything right now what the Sharks wish they could be.

The Colonel: The funny thing about this year, of course it had to be someone like Ryan Theriot scoring the game-winning run. That was the cherry on top of the Brian Sabean sundae.

49er16: Yeah it couldn't have been Buster to drive in Panda. It had to be the two middle infielders who are on the team for the first time this year to win the championship for the Giants. I was happy to see Pablo win the MVP.

The Colonel: I can't believe how many hits in the postseason Sandoval had in the playoffs. The three home runs were huge, but I had no idea Pablo would rank up there with David Freese for the most hits in a postseason. He got hot at the right time.

49er16: I didn't want to mention this before the playoffs, but I can now. Is Bruce Bochy a Hall of Famer? He has three pennants, two championships, and 1,400 wins. I think he only needs about 150 more wins to pass Tommy Lasorda for the most wins in the NL West*. He could be sitting in the hall of fame in 15-20 years.

*Yes I know that's a ridiculous stat, but dammit I want to see Bochy pass Lasorda.

The Colonel: Bochy certainly has the resume to get elected to the Hall of Fame. I want to see him get elected to the hall of fame to see people like Keith Law's head explode. BOCHY IN THE HALL OF FAME! /head explodes

49er16: And that's why I want to see Bochy reach the Hall of Fame. Just to see Keith Law scream, "HE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE ROOKIES! BRANDON BELT'S DEVELOPMENT WAS SCREWED UP BY HIM!" and then his head explodes.

The Colonel: I'm sure we'll get to a rosterbation post when free agency begins, but can we talk about the future of Sergio Romo and Brian Wilson? I think the Giants trade one of them by the beginning of next season and I hope it's Wilson.

49er16: Can they trade Wilson though coming off an elbow surgery? I'm with you in wanting to see them trade Wilson but can they do it? I think one of them gets traded eventually, but when will they get traded? My guess the Giants will hold on to both of them and maybe trade either Wilson or Romo by mid-season next year.

The Colonel: I hope they keep Romo because he's more genuine  I know that's a lame reason to keep someone but dammit I like Romo more.

49er16: I hear ya. I'd rather keep Romo over Wilson. I personally think Wilson is cooked if he doesn't learn another pitch besides a cut fastball and a fastball. If he doesn't learn a slider or a curveball, then I don't think he'll ever be the same.

The Colonel: The story last night Kruk & Kuip told about Dave Flemming asking Jon Miller if he wanted to call the last out of the game and then Miller saying "nah it's your turn" gives me goosebumps. We're truly lucky to have these guys as announcers.

49er16: I've said it before, but we truly have the best radio and TV announcers in the business. Nobody can top our announcers as a group. And Flemming had a good call for the final out (the video is above).




  1. Now that the Colonel mentioned it, I think the whole "red headed stepchild" mentality with the Giants when I was a kid was the big reason why I ended up a Giants fan and never took much of a liking to the Niners.

    And what a class move by Jon Miller.

  2. Plus, Bochy won 2 or 3 division titles and a NL Championship in San Diego. He just might be a Hall of Fame manager.

    1. The Padres still haven't reached the postseason since Bochy left if you don't count that one-game playoff with Colorado which I don't.