September 17, 2012

Talkin' Baseball: Postseason Talk, Wives, & Coaches

49er16: I can't believe I'm going to say this, but after his last few starts can the Giants possibly leave Ryan Vogelsong in their postseason rotation if they make the playoffs? I don't think they can. I think he could be a reliever though.

The Colonel: I think out of Lincecum, Zito, and Vogelsong, Vogelsong is the only one you can trust as a reliever in the playoffs. And yeah I can't believe how shitty he's been after being a league-leader in ERA for most of the year. It's been shocking.

49er16: I know everyone said Vogelsong was suppose to regress the past season and a half, but I didn't think he would do it in the last two months of the season. It's been jarring to watch him.

The Colonel: I think Vogelsong's problem is that he has overly relied on his fastball and hitters right now aren't fooled by it. He's throwing it very straight and the hitters are just pounding him. I feel bad for his wife who seems like a very sweet person on Twitter.

49er16: She's very sweet. Hell all of the Giants wives seems like they're very sweet. To me it seems like baseball players marry/date women who aren't bombastic like NBA or NFL players. /Yes I watch too much Basketball Wives.

The Colonel: It seems to me that most of these players either marry their high school sweetheart or marry your typical girl next door who isn't going to bring a lot of unwanted attention to herself unless you are Kris Benson.

49er16: Ah, Kris Benson. I sure do miss that trashy wife or ex-wife or whatever relationship they have now. She always struck me as the kind of girl who wants her man to slap her in bed and then spit in her mouth. Very dirty.

The Colonel: Anna Benson is one of those girls I'm surprised hasn't done porn yet. She would be perfect for it. Fake rack, check. Tattoo's, check. Looks like she could take a facial, check. Probably enjoys anal sex, check. Why hasn't she did porn yet? I would watch her.

49er16: My question is did Anna Benson sleep with every member of all the baseball teams Kris played for after they divorced?

The Colonel: Great question, we need a NY Post reporter to dig into this a little more. Couldn't you see a NY Post backpage headline saying, "Benson Went Balls Deep!"

49er16: Okay back to baseball before we divulge into porn and sex talk. Did you see the Phillies lose 3 out of 4 to Houston this weekend? Not going to sneak into the playoffs that way, Phillies.

The Colonel: Astros aren't quite ready to lose their 100th game. The Phillies sneaking back into the playoff hunt was kinda of a joke in the first place, and hopefully this is the last time we ever speak about them.

49er16: Can you explain the A's? I can't and they have won over 80 games. Look at that lineup. A Rockies, Diamondbacks, Red Sox, and Tigers castoffs are playing for them everyday. Chris Carter is the only player right now who was a A's prospect unless you count Cespedes, and I don't.

The Colonel: I can explain the A's in one word, pitching. They have it and a lot of it. I'm actually jealous of their pitching depth right now because it is impressive. If you look at their lineup they haven't been getting the benefit of the doubt from BABIP and are a lower team in terms of team OBP. They beat teams either through savvy base running or by hitting home runs. And that's literally it.

49er16: I still refuse to watch that team. I find them quite boring myself. And a dead ballpark isn't helping.

The Colonel: The crowds have gotten better lately. I agree with you though. I find them hard to watch. Most of their games are low scoring and while their pitchers are impressive, there really isn't one starter in that rotation that makes you say, "I have to watch him pitch."

49er16: Are we still refusing to talk about the AL Central?

The Colonel: Yes, but let me get this out of the way. The AL Central should forfeit their their playoff spot. Sorry but neither the White Sox or Tigers deserve a spot over the Yankees, Rays, Orioles, or A's. They just don't.

49er16: Sounds good to me. I still can't believe how much the Tigers blew it this year. They should have easily made the playoffs but instead wasted a year of Verlander, Cabrera, and Fielder's life.

The Colonel: Not as bad though as the Angels wasting the year Mike Trout has had.

49er16: True. I'm still waiting for the Angels to dump Scioscialism in favor of a truer form of a manager. I believe they should hire Jim Tracy when the Rockies fire him after this year.

The Colonel: Jim Tracy will always be one of those managers I'm shocked that he can continually be employed. And you just know someone will hire him again to be their manager despite his record of being a shitty manager.

49er16: How certain coaches/managers continue to receive jobs despite being shitty in no matter what sport will always be beyond me. I'm looking at you Norv Turner.

The Colonel: I'm convinced certain people have the ability to Jedi mind trick people. That's the only way to explain why Jim Tracy, Norv Turner, and Vinny Del Negro are employed right now. You cannot explain it any other way.

49er16: And what gets me is that certain managers/coaches have to bounce around on television before they can get rehired. I mean seriously, Rick Carlisle should have never had to do a stint with ESPN before the Mavericks hired him while Del Negro got hired like it was nothing after being fired.

The Colonel: Cito Gasten was another. He should have won another championship managing another team after the Blue Jays fired him.

49er16: I'm sure though Ken Macha or Jim Tracy will be employed again one day while Art Howe watches 'Moneyball' glumly complaining that Michael Lewis never interviewed him.


  1. The A's remind me of the 2010 Giants, except they don't have a Posey or even a Huff. They'll be close in the playoff games but I don't see them going that far.

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