September 10, 2012

Talkin' Baseball: More O's Talk, Excuses, & More

49er16: Boy that O's-Yankees series was intense. You had the O's playing the game of their lives on Thursday, Yanks won Friday, Girardi blew his lid on Saturday, and the Yanks re-took the AL East lead on Sunday. That was great.

The Colonel: My favorite part was Teixeira saying, "the ump just wanted to go home early" after Saturday's game. It's like the Yankees have never benefited from a ump's call. Oh wait.............

49er16: "What's this bullshit? The Yankees are suppose to get every call in baseball!"- Some WFAN caller.

The Colonel: I'm surprised Bud Selig didn't show up out of nowhere saying the Yankees did win that game like old school Vince McMahon. You know he was thinking about it.

49er16: Selig hits Showalter over the head with a chair. Takes off his suit and reveals a Yankees shirt? That would be perfect.

The Colonel: I'm just happy the O's are competing and the Rays are right there. The Yankees need to go down. There needs to be firings after this season and blame. Why can't we have this? Why can't the Gods give us this one thing?

49er16: Did you see BJ Upton hit three home runs on Sunday? Two of them off of Roy Oswalt. Remember when Oswalt was awesome?

The Colonel: I love what's happening to Oswalt because he didn't sign with the Giants. Yes I admit to being petty, but his excuse of wanting to be closer to his family was BS for not signing with the Giants. Ever heard of an airplane, Roy? They gots them now.

49er16: I love how that pisses you off. I still love Alfonso Soriano's excuse of he doesn't like San Francisco weather. Um Alfonso, in case you hadn't notice it's fucking cold in Chicago for April and May.

The Colonel: I just wish these guys wouldn't have a million excuses. Just say you don't want to play there. We don't need your pathetic excuses like weather or distance from your family.

49er16: I love how the Tigers can sweep the White Sox, but can't beat anyone else. While the White Sox beat everyone else, but can't beat the Tigers. That division is such a grease fire, that I can't keep my eyes off of that divisional race.

The Colonel: The problem with both of those teams is they can't play away from home. Look at their split records. They're both terrible on the road. Whoever wins that division is losing in the Divisional series. I feel confident in saying that.

49er16: That would be funnier divisional race if Bobby Higginson and Ray Durham still played for the Tigers and White Sox.

The Colonel: I say go back and bring back Darrell Evans and Carlton Fisk. If you're going back, go back to those days. Plus Sparky Anderson will forever be one of my favorite managers.

49er16: The Angels have quietly have reemerged in the AL Wild Card run. Do you trust them or are they still way too inconsistent?

The Colonel: Yes way too inconsistent. They look good, they look like crap. They look good, they look like crap. I don't trust them in the final weeks like I do with the A's. Plus the A's pitching has actually gotten stronger because of Brett Anderson.

49er16: That Brandon McCarthy injury though. And Colon is already gone. I dunno about the A's now. I know the Angels are inconsistent. But still.

The Colonel: I still don't trust the Angels. Sorry but I don't.

49er16: You see the Pirates commit more errors than runs scored the other day? I've jumped off that bandwagon fast and lit it on fire, but I see they're only 2.5 games out of the last wild card spot in the NL.

The Colonel: Stay away from the Pirates. It's bad for your health. They're only going to break your heart and leave you broke. You know it. I know it. Just say no, Keith.

49er16: Well then. Okay I'll stay away from the Pirates.

The Colonel: This Strasburg story is great. Davey Johnson shuts him down a game early and he's pissed about it. You gotta wonder if Boras is behind this like the villain he is trying to steer Strasburg towards Los Angeles or New York when he becomes a free agent. Boras can be like, "Remember that whole shutdown thing in DC? Do you really want 7 more years of it?"

49er16: I just imagine Boras is like The Claw from inspector Gadget. You can't see his face while he sits on a huge chair and he's like, "I'll get you next time Yankees!"

The Colonel: Instead of sitting in a huge chair where you can't see his face, he's sitting right behind the Dodgers home plate at Dodgers Stadium. Seriously, do we need to see his ugly face every time the Giants play the Dodgers?

49er16: I'm surprised he doesn't pull a Jerry Jones or Arthur Blank and just walk onto the field. Couldn't you just see him walking onto the field and into the dugout and just stand there next to Don Mattingly?

The Colonel: That would be awesome. Mattingly already looks like he's scared in the Dodgers dugout, could you imagine the look on his face if Boras just showed up in his suit and stood next to Mattingly? Mattingly would probably faint.

49er16: It feels so damn good to be up 5.5 games up on the Dodgers. I don't want to say that division race is over, but the Giants play cupcake NL West teams while the Dodgers still have to play Washington, Cincinnati, and St. Louis.

The Colonel: I'm not going to get ahead of myself because the Giants still have games in Colorado, Arizona still gives the Giants problems, and the Padres have played better. It does feel good to be up 5.5 games on LA while they still have a tough schedule, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

49er16: Okay you're right. I won't get ahead of myself. It does feel so damn good though.

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  1. Yeah let's not get ahead of ourselves with the Giants. Playing in Colorado is always scary, Arizona seems to have the Giants number lately, and San Diego will always dink and dunk the Giants to death.