September 7, 2012

Baseball Broadcaster Impressions: San Diego

Continuing the Baseball Broadcaster Impressions project today with a look at the San Diego Padres broadcasting teams. 

TV Broadcasters: Dick Enberg, Mark Grant

When I listen to Dick Enberg calling Padres games I always become sad. Enberg should not be finishing his great career calling games for a team that no one watches. But alas there's Enberg calling Padre games so I'll enjoy listening to him while I still can.

The biggest complaint you'll hear about Enberg from Padre fans is that when he's calling games he goes beyond neutral and actively roots against the Padres. I thought this was absurd but to be fair I hadn't listen to many Padre games until this season. Well after listening to Padre broadcasts the past few weeks, there's definitely moments where you get the sense that Enberg is rooting against the Padres.

You could call Enberg the "Anti-Hawk or Anti-Bob Carpenter" because Enberg does present a fair broadcast. After 30 plus years calling games right down the middle for NBC and CBS, I'm not surprised Enberg isn't a cheerleader. That being said I can see why Padre fans would be upset at Enberg for not at least being a little biased. I'm not saying Padre fans want Enberg to morph into Harrelson, but he doesn't need to be that neutral of a broadcaster.

I've liked what I've heard so far from Mark Grant as the Padres analyst. He definitely comes from the same school as Mike Krukow and Brian Anderson in that he's a former pitcher who's great at breaking down what a pitcher is doing and does a capable job of breaking down the hitters.

I've enjoyed Tony Gwynn when he joins the booth. Gwynn obviously can break down what hitters are doing at the same time he doesn't state the obvious.

Radio Broadcasters: Ted Leitner, Andy Masur

If Padre fans are looking for a homer, they should give their lead radio broadcaster Ted Leitner a listen. I heard Leitner the other day call the Padres "Our boys" when giving the score while going to break. That's some good Hawk style homerism right there.

Besides the homerism, Leitner is an interesting listen. He talks extremely fast to the point you have no clue what he just said. There have been multiple times I've listened to him and didn't catch what he said because he talks like the way Usain Bolt runs. Leitner because he speaks incredible fast, sometimes doesn't mention the count or how many outs there are in the inning. Or maybe I just didn't catch this part because of Leitner's motor mouth.

I don't really have an opinion on Masur, but I do enjoy the occasional Padres broadcast where the great Jerry Coleman is in the booth. Coleman is still great for a story from his playing/announcing days.

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  1. I love Dick Enberg. I don't care if he rooted for the Japanese in WW2.