August 1, 2012

"That's A Clown Miss, Bro"

Even after trading away their entire team yesterday, the Phillies actually looked like the Phillies of old. Who knew getting rid of a couple of players would result in Cliff Lee actually receiving run support? Phillies were also helped out by clown bro Bryce Harper when he goofed up trying to catch a Jimmy Rollins pop up.

"That's a clown miss, bro." One thing we can cross off in the Trout-Harper debate is the fact that Trout is a much better defensive player than Harper. Or at least I can by just watching that one play. Screw the numbers. Eye judgement!


  1. The best part of the clip is Jimmy Rollins arriving at home standing up after jogging casually to first, assuming Harper was going to make the catch. And the solo shot of the ball for a full second with no Nat player in sight at the 14 second mark. Hilarious.

    1. And Rollins crossed home plate standing. Very impressive.