August 23, 2012

Must List: Must Watch Games

The Must List has always been just an arbitrary list of college football games that are a personally must watch for myself. They might not be games that you're interested in, but they're the games I'm interested in and since this is my blog, screw you.

I've already made my predictions for this season, but I haven't gotten to the meat and potatoes of what the actual Must List is. So without further ado, here's are my must watch games of 2012.

Non-Conference Games
Navy vs. Notre Dame, September 1st: This game only makes the list because it will be played in Dublin, Ireland and Uncle Verne will be calling the action. I'm giddy in anticipation over the face Uncle Verne might be hungover while calling this game.

Michigan vs Alabama, September 1st: Last year it was Oregon who was the sacrificial lamb to the SEC at Cowboys Stadium. This year it's Michigan. I realize Michigan is much improved and their offense is loaded and facing a rebuilding Bama defense, but does anyone expect a Michigan victory in this game? I certainly don't.

Boise State at Michigan State, August 31st: Boise State once against starts the year off on the road versus a BCS opponent. Both of these teams are rebuilding so this game could go either way. Still I won't be surprised if Boise State wins because they always win their big non-conference games.

Miami vs Notre Dame, October 6th: It might not be the late 80's anymore and Jimmy Johnson and Lou Holtz might be enjoying retirement, that doesn't mean though Cons vs Catholics won't be exciting! Okay so this game will probably be a drag, but can't I at least be nostalgic?

Washington at LSU, September 8th: This feels like a game that could be a huge LSU blowout, but the last time these two teams played LSU barely beat the Huskies and that's when Washington wasn't very good. Still it wouldn't surprise me at all if this game ends up in a LSU blowout.

California at Ohio State, September 15th: Cal and non-conference road games have never gone well together under Jeff Tedford. I still remember when Tennessee beat Cal like they stole something a few years ago. Hell even Maryland had their way with Cal at home.Yes Ohio State is on probation and weak, but Cal has played probation teams before and were stomped *Cough Two Games Against USC Cough*. That's why it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Ohio State destroys Cal. And luckily for the Golden Bears they play USC right after that game with Nevada coming the week before. Hello 0-3.

Georgia Tech at Georgia, November 24th: Both teams look good right now on paper and both teams schedules look pretty weak. It would be awesome if both teams are either undefeated or only have one loss coming into this game.

Conference Games
Alabama at LSU, November 3rd: I don't know if this is a rubber match of the last two games or just another game in the series? Either way this game should be better than their two previous games because Jordan Jefferson isn't around to ruin everything. Plus this game will be played at LSU in the dark where great things happen.

Oklahoma at TCU, December 1st: Oklahoma is loaded this year and the Big 12 has become a lot tougher with TCU and West Virginia joining the fray. Unluckily for Oklahoma they play both schools this year with the TCU game as the last game of the year.

Oklahoma at West Virginia, November 17th: Holgo vs Mike Stoops. That's all you really need to know about this game.

Oregon at USC, November 3rd: Is USC really back? Are they really the national title contenders that everyone says they are? I still stand by my prediction of Kiffin losing at least one game for USC. I don't know if that happens against Oregon because USC normally plays very well against tough opponents. Especially at home.

Georgia at South Carolina, October 6th: Besides Georgia Tech and Florida, Georgia's only other tough game of the year is against South Carolina. This is where we're not supposed to be surprised if The Ole Ball Coach pulls a rabbit out of his hat and beats Georgia followed by the Bulldogs collapse and calls for Mark Richt's head.

Clemson at Florida State, September 22nd: I wrote this game down because I find it hilarious that both of these underachievers are ranked to start the year (Florida State is even in the top 10.) Would it surprise anyone if neither of these teams finish in the top 25? Why they are both ranked is beyond me and I don't care what kind of talent they have on their team.

Wisconsin at Nebraska, September 29th: Wisconsin thrashed Nebraska last year behind Montee Ball and Russell Wilson. Wilson is gone now but another transfer QB (Danny O'Brien) can still hand the ball off to Ball 40 times a game. Nebraska will be more experienced, but has their defense improved at all to stop Ball?


  1. Texas-Oklahoma should be good again.

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