July 18, 2012

Will Someone Please Stop Making Bomb Threats In Detroit

Apparently some jackass, maybe multiple assholes, have been calling in bomb threats around Detroit. In less than a week a tunnel and bridge connecting South Detroit to Windsor, Ontario Canada was shut down because of a bomb threat. Well it happened again and it happened at the Tigers stadium Comerica Park
Police say an anonymous caller issued the threat in a 911 call around 8 p.m. Tuesday as the Tigers were hosting the Los Angeles Angels in front of 34,000 fans.

No announcement was made, nor was there a call for an evacuation as police searched the ballpark for an explosive device. 

Detroit police Sgt. Eren Stephens says no device was found.
 I love how the police were like, "Should we evacuate? Nah...................." Tigers fans probably wished they did evacuate the stadium because the Tigers were thrashed last night 13-0 which saw the Angels score 7 runs in the first two innings.

Seriously though will this or these assholes stop making bomb threats. It isn't cool. I hope the Detroit police find whoever is doing this and deport them to Canada.

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  1. They didn't evacuate during a bomb threat? That seems kinda......dangerous