July 30, 2012

Talkin' Baseball: Giants Worries, Gutted Brewers, & Off-Topic Debate

49er16: So the Giants were swept at home to the Dodgers and Hanley Ramirez made an big impact. Remind me again why the Giants didn't trade for him?

The Colonel: Because silly they were going after Marco Scutaro! Scutaro will solve everything that is wrong with the Giants!

49er16: Sigh. And while everyone is paying close attention to every Belt AB, Angel Pagan has sucked out loud. If I was Pagan I would send Belt a thank you card because no one notices him right now sucking.


49er16: I've never been a big critic of Bochy and I'm not one of these, "Well the Giants won the World Series despite Bochy" fan club. That's never been true. His personal decisions saved the Giants that year in the playoffs. His moves this year and his yo-yoing of Belt while keeping dead weight like Pagan and Theriot in important lineup spots is driving me over the edge.

The Colonel: Bochy reminds me of a CEO of a company. He wants guaranteed results and he trusts more the oldest way possible even if trends suggest going in a new direction. He also wants instant results and when someone like Hector Sanchez gets a hit every once in while despite hardly walking at all and showing no power.

49er16: How terrified are you that the Giants will do something dumb before the trade deadline?

The Colonel: My biggest fear is the Giants will trade for some dud like Mark Reynolds and place Belt on the bench never to be seen again. Or Bochy will start playing Huff every day again despite all evidence that Huff is done in baseball.

49er16: Man that Brewers bullpen. They don't just bring gasoline and matches to the mound but they also bring diesel, kerosene, and Molotov cocktails to the mound.

The Colonel: I feel like The Scarecrow from 'The Dark Knight Rises' should sit on top the mound and announce to the Milwaukee crowd, "Axford/Rodriguez or death?" It only seems appropriate.
Brewers pitching mound 

49er16: Thank goodness the Brewers make me feel good about the Giants right now. They completely gutted their farm system (that had Brett Lawrie) to make a run at the title. Then they lose to the Cardinals in the NLCS, lose Fielder to free agency, and then have to trade Greinke. Their only good player right now is Braun and who knows if he doesn't want to leave when he see's the Brewers no longer have any prospects to give away for another title run.

The Colonel: That's the risk these small market teams make when trying to compete. Now they'll probably have to bottom out or strike gold in the draft to compete again. I do feel sorry for their fans who are generally nice people.

49er16: I like how the Brewers tried to offer Sabathia, Fielder, and Greinke a 100 million dollar contract and all three were like "we can get more on the open market, goodbye."

The Colonel: Hey at least the Brewers offered. That's more than the A's ever did with Giambi or Tejada. And it's better that way because now the Brewers don't have a ton of money tied up in a couple of players.

49er16: That Angels rotation now sure is intimidating. God I hope the A's beat them.

The Colonel: Remember the last team that put together a super rotation? Now they're paying a gazillion dollars to just a handful of players and are dead last in their division and no championship to show for it.

49er16: The Angels are outdoing the Phillies. They're paying a gazillion dollars to just one player now!

The Colonel: Unlike the Phillies though the Angels signed team friendly contracts and their pitchers are younger than the Phillies rotation. So damn them!

49er16: Honest question: Does anyone want to win the AL Central? I think both the White Sox and Tigers just want to go home after September.

The Colonel: Nothing like a good rock fight, eh? Instead of rocks though both teams are throwing pebbles and it's not hurting anyone.

49er16: Okay time for a off-topic debate. What's your opinion on NBC tape delayed coverage?

The Colonel: It drives me nuts as much anyone, but I don't feel like complaining about it. What people don't understand is that not everyone is on the computer or Twitter 24/7. So everyone doesn't already know the results of the events in primetime. Also the Olympics are a huge draw for women and not all women are patrolling the Internet all day long. So I understand why NBC tape delays the big events like swimming, track & field, and gymnastics.

49er16: I've complained about the tape delayed coverage on Twitter and felt like an idiot. I always learn that there are a lot of selfish people out there during the Olympics because you're right, not everyone can sit at home or at a computer and watch the Olympics all day.

The Colonel: Exactly. And frankly I'm one of those people who isn't on the Internet or by a TV all day and I do like going home to watch the big Olympic events like swimming, track & field, and gymnastics.

49er16: Are there any other sports you enjoy? I always get sucked into the shooting events, especially the clay pigeon shoots.

The Colonel: I always get a good kick out of the Handball and Badminton events. I feel like if you're watching basketball, tennis, or soccer at the Olympics you're doing it wrong. You can watch those sports every year.

49er16: Judging by the crowds I saw at Wimbledon the Olympic crowds agree with you. And the soccer events aren't exactly crowded either. It looked like a Marlins game for the women's soccer games.

The Colonel: Country's hardly ever send their best teams to the Olympics in soccer and the women's soccer is being held nowhere near London. So I'm not surprised.

49er16: I've been watching the water polo events. That sport looks hard. I'm pretty sure I would drown.

The Colonel: I love it when the women are playing water polo and NBC uses the slow motion underwater camera on replay's. You can every girls tan-line. I feel dirty just watching those replays.

49er16: You're an unintentional peeping tom during those replays. I wonder if NBC tells those girls they're going to film their crotches?

The Colonel: NBC executive: "Um yeah. We have these underwater cameras and we're going to replay slow-motion shots of your crotch area. Are you cool with that?"

49er16: Water polo player: "Um....................sure?"


  1. As someone who works in the television industry, most any Olympics that don't take place in North America have always been delayed in one form or another. I think that now that you have instant access to everything online there's more complaining.

    And this isn't exactly the first time that NBC had FUBAR'd Olympic coverage--people have been complaining about their coverage since they first got the summer games in 1988. Maybe things will change now that what used to be Versus is in their family of networks, but it seems like it's a leap year rite of passage for people to stand and be amazed at how bad NBC sucks at covering the Olympics

    1. What I don't get, is why don't they air everything live and then repackage it for primetime? Worried they won't be able to edit in a Seacrest interview?