July 23, 2012

Bud Selig Says People Telegraphing Him Doesn't Want Instant Replay

Bug Selig was on the radio earlier this morning before the New York Gothams-Detroit Wolverines game in New York talking about instant replay. Selig is still not in favor of instant replay and has telegraphs and pony express letters as proof!

"No the fans don't want instant replay. I poll the fans. I receive letters via pony express and telegraphs saying they don't want instant replay. I ask the riders of the pony express if they want instant replay and after they knock the dust from their clothes they say "no". So why would anyone want instant replay? Hell even the lovely ladies in the telegraph office don't want instant replay. Former Union generals Grant, Sherman, and Chamberlain also don't want instant replay.

Name me one person who wants instant replay. And if you think I'm being an old codger in regards to this issue, you're right. I want my baseball full of umpire mistakes. That's the "human element." Besides when else will anyone talk about this sport if there isn't an umpiring controversy?"

Selig immediately hung up the phone on the interview and shook President Cleveland's hand while reportedly saying, "I love that city in Ohio that is named after you."


  1. Pony Express? Selig still uses smoke signals.

  2. Bud should really thinking about saving some money and go back to only having one umpire on the field.