November 5, 2009

Oh Timmy

San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum has the world in his hands. He's the reigning NL Cy Young award winner and could possibly win it again this year. He could do no wrong, right? Wrong, he was busted with marijuana on I-5 in Washington.

At 8:23 a.m. Oct. 30, Washington State Patrol trooper and spokesman Steve Schatzel said, a motorcycle trooper working with a laser device timed a 2006 Mercedes Benz doing 74 mph northbound in Hazel Dell near Northeast 78th Street — where the speed limit is 60 mph.

The trooper pulled the Mercedes over. When the driver, Lincecum, rolled down his window, the trooper smelled marijuana. He asked Lincecum to hand it over, and Lincecum reached into his dashboard console and produced a small pouch and a pipe, Schatzel said.
Well at least Timmy didn't try anything stupid and just handed over the weed.

The amount was 3.3 grams, Schatzel said, which is considered only enough for personal use. Lincecum did not appear to be impaired behind the wheel and is not being charged with a felony crime, Schatzel said.

"Not unless there's something else going on," Schatzel said. "With this amount of marijuana, that's normally the way we deal with it."

He said 3.3 grams is about the size of a human thumb.

Lincecum "was cited and released," Schatzel said. The speeding citation was for $122. He is expected to be arraigned on Nov. 23 in Clark County District Court.

Schatzel said the motorcycle officer was joined by another officer in a marked patrol car; one didn't know who Lincecum was but the other recognized the name of the 2008 National League Cy Young Award winner.
How do you not recognize Lincecum? He's only the most famous resident of that crappy state!

All jokes aside, I'm obviously disappointed in Lincecum as I'm sure the Giants are. He's the face of that franchise and is the only relevant player for them. He's needs to be smarter than that. I know he didn't go Nate Newton and tried to become a drug dealer, but still.

I'm just wondering now if the Giants hold this over his head when he's up for arbitration? He's due for arbitration this year and he could destroy the settlement Ryan Howard received from the Phillies in arbitration. This will be the most interesting part of the story.

Hopefully he learns from this mistake and makes sure this doesn't become a trend in his career and life.

Until then, blaze away Timmy!

Pot found in star pitcher's car during I-5 speed stop (