November 11, 2009

Inside the Paint: Kings Baby!

Denver 90 Chicago 89: Poor Brad Miller, he never catches a break. And once again he didn't catch a break last night in the Bulls-Nuggets game. Miller hit what looked to be like the game-winning 3-pointer with :00.3 left in the game....but the refs waived it off. Unlike Baseball, the refs used instant replay to make sure they got the correct call. In his first season, Ty Lawson is proving to be an valuable reserve for the Nuggets, scoring eight points last night.

Washington 76 Miami 90: Remember after opening night when everyone said the Wizards and Gilbert Arenas were back? Yeah well everyone was wrong. Washington has lost five in a row and Gilbert scored 21 points last night, but it was on 35% scoring. Dwayne Wade on the other hand scored 41 points on 49% shooting.

Oklahoma City 98 Sacramento 101: Kings baby! The Kings are .500 for the first time since 2006. Wow I never realized how pathetic that is. I was still in high school the last time they were .500. It doesn't matter what their record is, because this Kings team is actually fun to watch. They hustle after every little loose ball and they never quite, which is a lot to say considering the past two seasons in Sacramento. The Kings though have improved their play because of rookies Tyreke Evans and the first Israeli basketball player Omri Casspi.

Portland 93 Memphis 79: Hey look! Greg Oden scored 14 points and didn't foul out. Count that as a positive for the big man. The real story of this game though was Travis Outlaw dunking on former UConn player Rudy Gay.

Create a Caption: Erick Spolestra is definitely the most imaginative coach in the NBA.


  1. Congrats to your Kings.

  2. Congrats to the Kings. For your sake, hopefully they can get themselves above mediocrity and hang with the elite teams.

    Me, well, the Sixers are at best mediocre and will continue to do be thus all year.

    Do I hear LeBron to Philly at all? Anyone? Please, anyone? Forget it, the Sixers would not no a good move if it jumped right in front of them with a sign screaming, "I'm a big move, make me now!"

  3. Thanks guys. I'm not getting my hopes up too high though.

    @JFein, Sixers coach Eddie Jordan did the Kings a favor. The Kings wanted Jordan badly to become their coach, but he took the Sixers job. Now the Kings have Paul Westphal who's a way better fit for this young team than Jordan.

  4. I don't like Jordan and I don't like this team.

    It's already bad enough that the Sixers are by a mile the 4th sports team in Philly these days, the fact that they suck only makes it worse for them and thus the Sixers attendance is what it is. People in Philly care about the Phillies, they care about the Eagle, and they care about the Flyers. Ever since A.I. left, no one in Philly has ever given 2 shits about the Sixers. They struggled to sellout their home playoff games last year and if my memory recalls correctly, they didn't sell out those playoff games.

    Of course, that makes it all the more ironic that Philadelphia is one of the countries' meccas of college basketball.

  5. Sixers have the worst attendence this year with around 10,000 fans. The Sacramento Kings are second to last. If we only we all could be Cavs and Lakers fans