November 13, 2009

Find the Typo: Oh Nationals

Those poor sad sacks in Washington. The Redskins have given up for the year. The Capitals are without Ovechkin right now. The Wizards are already positioning themselves in the NBA lottery. And then you have the Nationals. The most embarrassing team in all of sports.

The Nationals have no clue how to spell. They first defame former President Teddy Roosevelt, by misspelling his name. Then you had that infamous night when their jerseys had their name spelled wrong. Natinals? Really, you can't spell your own name? Now ESPN just kicks dirt on the poor Nationals.

Nartionals? Come on ESPN, your just being cruel now. Can Washington ever catch a break?

‘Nartionals’ Is the New ‘Natinals’ (Mister Irrelevant)

1 comment:

  1. Actually, there's TWO grammatical errors:

    The second comes after "Sources". Two colons.