October 6, 2009

Picture of the Day: Gina Carano

ESPN's much-hyped "Body Issue" hits stands soon. Their will be several different issues featuring a different athlete on the cover. Dwight Howard and Serena Williams are both on covers of the issue. The one athlete cover that made me laugh though was the one that featured MMA star Gina Garano.

ESPN has done one of the best jobs ever with photoshop on the Carano cover. Gina is a very fit and athletic women, but she isn't ripped like this. In fact Carano is known to have issues making weight for her fights. Take a look yourself.

Photoshop does wonders. While that is a very nice picture of Gina, I prefer this picture of her. She doesn't look as scary.

ESPN 'The Body' topless Carano cover hits the web (Cagewriter)


  1. No freaking way Carano is that ripped.


    No seriously airbrushed or not, she's looking really good in that picture.