October 22, 2009

Must List: Week 8

Were getting to the time of the year when college football gets really good. The first BCS standings have came out and were already hearing people complain about the "system". This is also the time of the year when teams either breeze to the conference championship or start to grip. Once again we could see several top ten teams lose this week, causing havoc in the BCS. So let's take a look at the best games this weekend.

Here's the announcing schedule for this week.

Saturday, October 24th
UConn @ West Virginia (ESPNU, Noon)- UConn is coming off a emotional win over Louisville last week and the emotional death of Jasper Howard. The Huskies travel to Morgantown to face off against West Virginia. The Mountaineers are still in contention for the Big East title and a win over UConn would keep them in contention with Cincinnati.

Arkansas @ Ole Miss (SEC Network, Noon)- Even though Arkansas is 1-3 in the SEC, they are still a dangerous team for Ole Miss. The Rebels have struggled this year in SEC play and Jevan Sneed hasn't lived up to his expectations coming into this year. Ole Miss needs a win to stay in contention in the SEC West. Arkansas' offense can put huge points on the board or they can be shut down like last week against Florida. Defense by both teams will be the key in this game.

Georgia Tech @ Virginia (Raycom, Noon)- Al Groh is simply amazing. This guy could once again save his job by the way his team finishes the season. After losing the first three games of the year, Virginia has come back and won three straight games. Georgia Tech is looking to get back into contention after a early season loss to Florida State. A win last week over Virginia Tech helped them get back in the ACC race. This game by no means will be easy for Tech. Virginia could easily win this game, because that is what Virginia does late in the season.

Tennessee @ Alabama (CBS, 3:30)- Oh Lane Kiffin, you never keep you mouth shut do you? People made a big deal about Kiffin running his mouth about Florida before he even coached a game. But people forgot he took a shot at Alabama before the season by stealing one of Nick Saban's coaches. You think Saban has forgotten about that? I predict this game is going to be really ugly for Tennessee. Saban never forgets and hardly ever forgives.

Boston College @ Notre Dame (NBC, 3:30)- Charlie Weis is still living off his two close loses to USC. But if Notre Dame loses to a struggling Boston College team, then that could mean the end of the line for Weis. He's saved his job for now, but a loss to a Religious rival, Weis will be gone by the end of the season.

Penn State @ Michigan (ABC, 3:30)- Joe Paterno has always struggled against Michigan since Penn State entered the Big Ten. Penn State is still very much alive for the Big Ten title and Rose Bowl berth, but they have to beat Michigan to get there. If Tate Forcier is healthy and playing, Michigan will give Penn State trouble.

Oklahoma @ Kansas (ABC, 3:30)- Might as well get some Ron Franklin time in while it lasts, right? Other reasons to watch this game. How does Kansas respond to last week's loss to Colorado? How does Oklahoma respond knowing Sam Bradford is done for the year? Can Landry Jones take the next step at replacing Bradford? Should be a interesting game with the questions surrounding both of these teams.

Iowa @ Michigan State (Big Ten Network, 7)- Can Iowa continue their magical run? Iowa is still undefeated and has to travel to Michigan State. After struggling early in the season, Sparty has responded nicely and is 3-1 in conference play. Iowa on the other hand has struggled early in game, with quarterback Ricky Stanzi usually throwing an early interception. If that happens again this week, can they respond and still win the game?

TCU @ BYU (Versus, 7:30)- Who knew TCU vs. BYU would be the game of the week? Gameday thought so, and that's why they are traveling to Provo, Utah. TCU is still undefeated and still hold all the cards for a possible BCS spot. BYU has won four straight games since losing to Florida State at home. This is by no means an easy win for TCU. Provo can be a tough place to play because of the altitude and the fans. It's too bad Versucks holds the rights to this game. I would love to see Musberger bust out a drinking reference while calling a game at the Mormon school in the middle of Utah.

Things to get you to Sunday:
1) "Saw VI" opens on Friday. Now I will be honest I had no idea that another Saw movie was going to hit the movie theaters. I stopped watching this series after the second movie. Which gets me to my point. What happened to Horror movies opening in October? This is all what Hollywood offers? It's too bad because I like watching Horror movies this time of the year.

2) Drinking is always a option. It's still Octoberfest. Might as well drink beer while it's still semi-warm outside. Because after this month, you will be drinking nothing but Whiskey for the coming months. Which brings me to this.

Drink of the Week, Crown Royal: There really isn't a better whiskey than Crown Royal. Even Crown Royal's website says so.

The staple of our portfolio, this distinct blend of 50 full-bodied whiskies has an aroma so breathtaking it's a shame you can't smell it through your computer screen.
Couldn't have said it better myself. I prefer High Ball's myself. I prefer to mix Crown with either Pepsi or Mountain Dew. It goes down so smoothly that you will never drink another thing in the world.

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