October 15, 2009

Must List: Week 7

This week features many great match ups, including one of the best rivalries in college football. Yes this week features the Red River Shootout. Oklahoma and Texas meet in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas for their annual game. That's not the only great game this week. Tonight's South Florida-Cincinnati game should be good.

Week 7 Announcing schedule

Thursday, October 15th
Cincinnati @ South Florida (ESPN, 7:30PM)- The Big East is a three team race this season. And two of the teams in the race play each other tonight. Cincinnati is the defending Big East champions and are looking like they will be repeat champions. Quarterback Tony Pike is a Heisman contender for Cincinnati while leading one of the most explosive offenses in college football. South Florida on the other hand has been on the verge of the Big East championship for the past couple years only to finish the season with a thud. B.J. Daniels has done a nice job replacing Matt Grothe so far, but his hands will be full tonight against Cincinnati.

Saturday, October 17th
Oklahoma @ Texas (ABC, Noon)- One of the reasons why I love this game, is the fact that it hasn't changed. This game has continued to be played in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas at 11:00 in the mourning. But this game is important for several reasons. Texas right now is undefeated and ranked third in the country. If Texas wins this game, they will have a clear shot at the national championship game. Lose this game and teams like Virginia Tech and USC jump them in the rankings and prevent them from playing in the national championship game. Oklahoma is the team playing without pressure. The Sooners have already lost two games this season, but they are still undefeated in conference play. If the Sooners win Saturday and stay undefeated in conference play, they would prevent Texas from even reaching the Big XII championship game. This game is definitely the most significant game of the year so far.

Arkansas @ Florida (CBS, 12:30PM)- Remember last year when Florida played an SEC West team in October? Yes, they lost to Ole Miss which prompted a "The Speech" from Saint Timmy Tebow. And remember that speech is greater than MLK Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. Arkansas' high powered offense was shut down earlier this year by Alabama, so it should be interesting to see how Florida's defense handles their offense.

USC @ Notre Dame (NBC, 12:30)- If Charlie Weis and Notre Dame don't beat this USC team, then it will be time for Weis to move on. Notre Dame is more talented than USC this year and they also have the more experienced and better quarterback in Jimmy Clausen. Gut feeling: USC beats Notre Dame. USC always plays up to tougher competition and Pete Carroll always has his teams ready to play these type of games.

Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech (ESPN2, 6PM)- Both Tech schools have responded nicely from early season losses. Virginia Tech quarterback Tyrod Taylor has come into his own since driving Tech down the field for a game-winning touchdown against Nebraska. Georgia Tech will always be a tough offensive team to play with their option-offense. Virginia Tech should be well prepared for Georgia Tech's offense. Should be an interesting ACC game to watch.

South Carolina @ Alabama (ESPN, 8PM)- Another game featuring two ranked teams. Only this one has the Old Ball Coach matching up against Nick Saban. Both of these teams feature great defenses and offense that can struggle in the red zone. I like Alabama in this game because they are at home, but I wouldn't be surprised if South Carolina won.

Things to Get You to Sunday
1) This year's Best Picture "Slumdog Millionaires" debuts on HBO. I haven't had the chance to watch this movie yet. With this week's best college football games in the mourning and afternoon, a movie would be a nice chance a paste before going to bed.

2) You can always read. I'm thinking about picking up Leafs AbomiNation for the weekend. This book is about the Toronto Maple Leafs downfall and how they can rise again. And from reading this interview with the book's authors, it sounds pretty interesting.

3) Going to the bar is always a option. There is nothing quite like those Sunday mourning NFL games that can cure a hangover.

Beer of the Week, Chico Estate from Sierra Nevada Brewery: I have to be honest. I was shocked to find out that Sierra Nevada has made their way all the way to the East Coast. They brew their beer in Chico, California. Chico isn't exactly one of the bigger towns in California. But somehow they have made their way to across country. So this week's beer of choice is Chico Estate from Sierra Nevada.

Estate Ale is uses 100 % natural hops and barely grown on-site at the brewery. It has a distinct taste, inspired by Napa winemakers. It took many years for the brewmasters to perfect Chico Estate for them to finally release it in 2008. I've never tried this beer before, but I plan on trying it this weekend.


  1. I always thought Sierra Nevada tasted like crap.

  2. I've seen Slumdog Millionaire. Great movie.