September 14, 2009

The WNBA is Worthless

Remember in May when the WWE and the Denver Nuggets playoff game was double booked for the Pepsi Arena? The WWE made this huge deal about Denver owner Stan Kroenke didn't have enough faith in his own team and didn't schedule the game in advance.

The Nuggets eventually won this fight and played their scheduled game while the WWE had to retreat to Los Angeles to host Monday Night Raw. Well another event has been double booked.

The WNBA team Atlanta Dream have an upcoming playoff series against the Detroit Shock. Only one problem though, the Phillips Arena has "Sesame Street Live" already booked for the Phillips Arena. And the WNBA team didn't win this battle. Via AJC:

The Atlanta Dream will be forced out of their homearena for the first round of the WNBA playoffs because of "Sesame Street".

The Dream is set to play their first home playoff game Friday night against Detroit at Philips Arena. But "Sesame Street Live" already had booked shows for next weekend at the downtown arena, so the Dream will play at Gwinnett Arena, about 25 miles northeast of Atlanta.

If a decisive third game is needed, it also would be held at the Gwinnett Arena on Sunday. The series opens Wednesday at Detroit.
The WNBA is completely worthless. They have no leverage to force out "Sesame Street" out of their building to play a playoff series. Then again who is watching a WNBA game? I know I wouldn't. In fact I'm sure the majority of the people in this country would rather watch "Sesame Street" then the WNBA.

'Sesame Street' forces Dream out of Philips (Atlanta Journal Constitution)


  1. I'd rather watch Burt & Ernie than Rebecca Lobo.

  2. It wouldn't be the first time that's happened to the WNBA playoffs (the Finals no less).

    Quick story: I had a doctor's appointment at a place with a sponsor's relationship with the Shock. There were two huge stacks of WNBA tickets next to a bowl of peppermints. People were at least taking the mints.

  3. @RJBO, I have a similar story.

    I worked for the local Coors distributor in Sacramento and they are a sponsor to the local WNBA team. The Monarchs weren't able to sell out Arco Arena for a playoff game, so my workplace started giving tickets away. And no one wanted the tickets.

    Some of those tickets were even court side seats.

  4. I would have at least taken the courtside seats.....even if it is for a crappy WNBA game...