September 17, 2009

The Links

Megan Fox is Rolling Stone.... Jacksonville is already showing interest in Tebow.... Jim Zorn must let loose on offense.... NFL TV distribution maps.... ACORN could be very dangerous for Democrats.... Stray cat returns home after 2,400 mile journey.... A women dies after catching fire in surgery.... Jessica Simpson thinks coyotes can read Twitter

Ken Rosenthal doesn't care about your sabermetrics (The Big Lead)

Kendra and Hank are on their way to see Peyton Manning (PFT)

Ernie Harwell returned the love he received, plus more (Big League Stew)

Didn't take T.O. long to start pointing fingers in Buffalo (Buffalo News)

A look at the teams from Ultimate Fighter 10 (Bloodey Elbow)

The Phoenix Coyotes are almost out of options (AZ Central)

The worst act of cheating in the history of sports (London Times)

So far Terrelle Pryor has been overrated (

Derek Jeter homered for having fewer hits than Harold Baines (The Onion)

Joe Saunders is a lefty? (The Big Picture)

It's way too early to crown Matt Barkley as the King of Troy (Wiz of Odds)

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