September 14, 2009

The Links

Jennifer Connelly....It didn't take Sean Penn long to rebound.... Kanye West vs. Joe Wilson.... Glad to see Obama take the high road on this one..... Bin Laden has sent us another tape.... Here's to hoping Jay Leno's new show flops

Brad Penny was quite impressive against his former team (True Blue LA)

Commence freak out in Chicago over Cutler's performance (Chicago Tribune)

The Bengals find new ways to lose (Cincinnati Enquirer)

College Gameday is headed to Austin this weekend (Awful Announcing)

Kimbo Slice talks 'TUF 10', a dream match with Mike Tyson, and a career in boxing (Bloody Elbow)

Your next firesale in baseball will occur in Texas (MLB Daily Dish)

Hard to draw any conclusions from the Chiefs loss in Baltimore (KC Star)

Mike Singletary has set the tone for the 49ers (SF Chronicle)

The most ridiculous play of the day, until the Bears took the field (KSK)

Here's the video of Kayne West ruining Taylor Hicks' moment

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