September 4, 2009

2009 NFL Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars

By JFein:

The Jacksonville Jaguars were a team expected to make a run to the Super Bowl last year. Last year was going to be there year to win it all. Eh.....that did not pan out. At all. Instead they placed last in the AFC South and most have them going nowhere special this year. Including myself. Below are essentially the reasons why this year is NOT the year for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

New Uniforms: This biggest story this off-season for the Jacksonville Jaguars is the debut of their new uniforms this year. Yippee! Wahoo! Who is just as excited as I am? In case you have not been paying attention to the Jaguars in pre-season games (and unless your team is like the Eagles and you played the Jags, why would you be?) and have not seen them and/or noticed them, well, here ya go! (credit: Wikipedia)

Quarterback: David Garrard is the starting QB for the Jags. And while last year was not exactly a roaring success, you can't say that Byron Leftwioch would have fared any better had the Jags gone with him instead. The bottom line is is that Jacksonville needs help at quarterback and Garrard, Todd Bouman, and Todd Boeckman are not the answer to that problem. Wait, what? Todd Boeckman? The Todd Boeckman from Ohio State? The Jags actually signed him? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Backs And Receivers: It must be said: Maurice Jones-Drew is a beast. It must also be said, that aside from an aging, out of prim Torry Holt, the Jags have no one at the skill positions. Just look at their depth chart: Troy Williamson is on it. Whenever you see him on a depth chart, you can bet your bottom dollar that that depth chart is not a very good one at that position. They did get did address the offensive line well in the draft, which may be an upgrade, but I don't think it'll make a big enough impact to elevate Garrard and his team out of the pits of the AFC South. The Jags also need someone to back up Jones-Drew. Seriously, Alvin Pearman? Not to keep piling on them, but this team has epic fail written all over it.

Schedule Aside from having 6 difficult games in the AFC South, the Jaguars also play against all 4 AFC East teams. They do get a lucky break though in that their other 6 games are the NFC West teams, Cleveland, and Kansas City.

Video: Work out with MJD!

Prediction: 7-9, 4th place AFC South. If there is one thing that the Jags are consistent on, it is not performing as expected to. 2 years ago they were an afterthought in everything and they made a decent run in the playoffs, bowing out to New England in the divisional playoff round. Last year they were a lot of people's choice to win Super Bowl XLIII, and they bombed big time. This year, they are the low point in a division that is ranked really highly this year. They will exceed expectations this year, but that will not be enough to get them out of last place in the AFC South.

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  1. Prediction: Jack Del Rio is fired by the Bye week.