July 1, 2009

Foul Ball: Albert Pujols is a Beast!, Martin Prado Dominates, Red Sox Suck

Foul Ball is your daily baseball recap

5 Braves 4 Phillies in 10: Martin Prado had himself quite a game against the Phillies. Prado went 4 for 5 with a home run and four RBI's. Also Prado had the game-winning hit in the bottom of the 10th inning. After a Pedro Feliz and John Mayberry home runs in the eighth inning, Prado knocked in a run to tie the game. The Phillies committed three errors in the game to go along with two double plays they grounded into.

6 Giants 3 Cardinals: Albert Pujols is a beast! Pujols hit two home runs in the game off of Randy Johnson. His first home run reminded me of the one he hit off Brad Lidge in the 05 NLCS. Even with Pujols knocking out home runs, the Giants still won the game. The Giants knocked in six runs off of former Cy Young award winner Chris Carpenter. The Giants beat Carpenter by hitting a lot of singles, driving in all of their runs. Bengie Molina had two RBI's in the game and after blowing a save to Milwaukee, Brian Wilson saved his 21st game of the season.

3 Pirates 0 Cubs: Ross Ohlendorf went seven innings giving up four hits and no runs while picking up the victory for the Pirates. Freddy Sanchez went 3 for 3 with two RBI's and a run scored. The Pirats won despite the fact they hit into two double plays.

6 Brewers 3 Mets: Ryan Braun drove in four runs and scored on a Johan Santana throwing error to help Milwaukee beat the Triple-A Mets. Santana, who has struggled all year, struggled in this game going six innings giving up nine hits and six runs to improve his record on the year to 9-6. Even with all the injuries, the Mets are still only three games behind the Phillies in the AL East standings.

11 Orioles 10 Red Sox: The Red Sox were on the wrong end of the greatest comeback in Baltimore Oriole history. After John Smoltz pitched brilliantly, the Red Sox relievers blew a nine-run lead in the last two innings of the game. Jonathon Papelbon finished the choke job by Boston by giving up the game-winning double to Nick Markakias. This loss couldn't happen to a better group of players, especially Papelbon.

4 Rays 1 Blue Jays: B.J. Upton hit a leadoff homer and the Rays never looked back. Carl Crawford and Willie Aybar both added homers in the game. Matt Garza allowed one run and seven hits in seven innings to pick up the victory for Tampa Bay.

11 White Sox 4 Indians in 7: Three White Sox hitters homered in the game, as the White Sox poured on the Indians in a rain-shortened game. Cliff Lee gave up 11 hits, 7 runs in three innings of work for the Indians.

Video of the Day: How bout them Orioles?


  1. The Phillies hit three HR in the game against the Braves and still lose. Where's our pitching?

  2. The headline in the Philadelphia Daily News sports section today (or yesterday, seeing as you're probably not reading this tonight), and I kid you not,

    "Hope You Prado Yourself"


    Tim Brando must have found a new job.....