June 23, 2009

Word of the Day: Grab Some Pine, Meat!

Grab some pine, meat!, noun: A phrase typically used to taunt a baseball player after he strikes out.

Usage Example: "Strike three! Grab some pine, meat!"

Word History: San Fransisco Giants announcer Mike Krukow has popularized this phrase over the years. Via Grabsomepinemeat.com.....

And the famous four-word phrase -- “Grab some pine meat…”

Anyone that has ever played the game -- at a competitive level -- is familiar with the term, “meat,” but Krukow has made the word part of the vernacular for San Francisco Giants fans.

So much so that you will find countless signs dotting the sea of orange at AT&T Park proclaiming, “Hey Meat!”
The word "meat" is a way to describe a baseball player. If you remember the movie 'Bull Durham' the Kevin Costner character always called the Tim Robbins character "meat".

The picture: I had no idea Krukow once played for the Phillies. I knew he started his career with the Cubs. But apparently he did play for the Phillies. In 1982, Krukow was traded from the Cubs to the Phillies. During the season Kruk was second on the team in wins behind Steve Carlton. But after the end of the year, the Phillies traded Krukow, Mark Davis, and Charlie Penigar to San Fransisco for Joe Morgan and Al Holland. Morgan and Holland helped the Phillies reach the World Series in 1983, which they lost to Baltimore, and Krukow and Davis became a big part of the Giants success in the late 80's.

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  1. I remember Krukow with the Phillies. Philly didn't need another lefty because they had Carlton.